Hurricane Pro App Reviews

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Gorgious !

Waouhhhhh ! Thank you very much for this huge and perfect release, its very efficient and much more better now :-) All the informations you need at your fingertips. Thanks for listening us and kind regards !

Top program

The best program in the store for following hurricanes and storms all over the world. A must have for everybody who is interested in storms. Great support and fast reaction on bug reports. Keep on, updating that great stuff.

Informative and intuitive

By far the most informative hurricane app.


Alles was man braucht und noch viel mehr, super App ;-o Awesome always up to date with all needed information.

Useful tool

It gives me permanently updates to Matthew, so I know whats going on. Perfect forecast!


I use this app on a daily basis, I highly reccomend it to anyone who is interested in weather or lives in a hurricane prone area.

Great app for hurricane fans

Worth the money. Track current and past hurricane from 1851. Go get it.

Very Polished

I am impressed with Hurricane, and expect to use it a lot in the 2010 hurricane season. Some have stated that all this data is viewable online for free. That may be, but nowhere have I found it so beautifully presented and so easily navigable by an iPhone. The maps are all zoomable, and I like the way it caches all the newest data when I launch the app. Worth the price!

Nova Scotia

Excellent Hurricane information app. Highly recommend it!!!!!!

Nova Scotia Too!

Followed Hurricane Irene from start to finish! I found the information accurate (its not easy tracking a hurricane), up to date and extremely useful since I was traveling and really needed to rely on. I highly recommend.

Best Hurricane app

Awesome, awesome. Everyone should own this app. It shows you past storms and the ones that are happening now. Worth the money. Like the past reviewer said if you are in a hurricane area. Gotta have it.

Past, present and future excellence

Current storm watching and forecasting are useful. But its the prior years hurricane activity that I use a surprising amount and that really rounds out the app.

4+ Terrific App+Necessary for Weather Buffs!

Cudos to the Developers for an Awesome Weather App that is indispensable for any person interested in or in need of Nasty & Severe Weather as well Thx to them for continually improving & updating it for us for a better more involving experience! Keep up the Great Work! Cheers... CC


It is amazing how well this app is working. The info is accurate, current and reliable. Thanks for creating and servicing it


Great app keeps you up to date ! I recommend it !

Great app

This is a great app. I used it all summer and fall.


Great little app with lots of information


The alerts are terrific! The only thing I read when a hurricane comes into my area. Very accurate and always have news way before TV/Radio does.


Up to date and informative. Great app.


Great app - Full of information. Only thing that would make it better is to have where the storm is tracking after the name. Ex. Rita tracking Gulf of Mexico or Igor tracking eastern seaboard. Note: How come theres a white streak on the Tracking Map?Hope this can be fixed!

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